Small Town Landscape Painting

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 1:03 PM

Small town landscape painting.

385 Small Town Sidewalk

Buy Now. This 6x6" painting is done with high quality oil paint on a panel with a cradle on the back. This makes for easy hanging and a frame is optional. Paintings can be picked up or delivered. If mailed they come in a sturdy cardboard box.

It was Sunday and most everything was closed up except the bars and McAdams drug store. Zane went into McAdams for some entertainment food. Cynthia was daydreaming but perked up as soon as he walked in. “Hi Zane!” she said. Zane started smiling broadly as he looked at her and then at her T-shirt. “Hey, Cyn.” he said. He put two candy bars on the counter, a Butter Finger and a Mr.Goodbar. “Want to have a candy bar with me?” He asked. “I’m getting off right now” she said. She waved at Mr. McAdams and they walked out.